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Welcome to my new blog for Art in the Garden Studio.  My name is Beverly Yantorno and I’m a Colorado transplant that spent the past 20 years selling homes in Denver, CO.  I own Art in the Garden Studio with my husband, Dale Lewis.  After moving to Ahwatukee, I was drawn to the art community and wanted to learn to paint.  I signed up for two classes, one being an acrylic and the other a watercolor class.  After taking the classes I was hooked, and I started meeting professional artists in the community.  The idea of starting an art studio was born.

The wheels were turning while I talked to my husband about the idea of entrepreneurship.  We checked into numerous business models and attended some painting nights at establishments around the city.  The idea of joining a franchise was not within my vision, as I wanted to offer art in many different forms.  Not just different mediums, but in crafting, healing arts, as well as painting.  We needed a classroom, room for a garden, and a place that would make a nice community gathering space.

We looked at several commercial spaces in Ahwatukee until we found this space on Chandler Boulevard about a mile from the highway.   When we walked in dirt, cholla cactus, three ill-kept bushes and a tree greeted us through a large floor-to-ceiling window.  No one had taken care of this space for years. 


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