Laurel Bouchard


Originally from Boston Massachusetts she moved out here with her husband in 2003 at the young age of 24 and has been in the valley ever since. Laurel (still married but now with 3 children) has always had a driven passion for Arts and Crafts. Though she has a wide range of interest her adoration for Art has always veered towards expressive and abstract Art which also includes the use of alcohol inks as well. Laurel uses her art skills to relax and unwind anytime she has spare time on her hands. It has always been source of serenity for her throughout her busy weeks.

In Laurel’s spare time aside from expressive art she enjoys a variety of hobbies with her family which includes traveling, herb gardening, cooking along with making her own canvases from scratch with a special recipe she has created for the gesso that she spreads on each canvas. She is very much looking forward to spending her time at her art classes not only to teach, but to advance her knowledge of art as well.