Tish D’Antoni

Tish D.

Born and raised in southern Minnesota, I grew up in a do it yourself family.  We grew fruit to make our homemade jams and preserves, raised a garden to can our own vegetables and make our own pickles.  Mom sewed our clothes, and we learned to embroider to embellish our clothes, tablecloths and pillowcases.  

I started making my own soaps and lotions when my dad was going through cancer treatment and could not be exposed to chemicals, mineral oils, and petroleums.  I worked as an inventory control and office manager for a large jewelry corporation from 1993 until I retired in 2018. Moving to AZ in the summer of 2018, I am excited to do what I love, which is crafting, for a living. I love living in Arizona, enjoying the milder climate, the cactus, and the amazing sunrises and sunsets.